Výkup cínového materiálu

Železný šrot

Výkup oloveného materiálu


Ponúkame na predaj materiál, ktorý je zabalený v menších množstvách a vieme vám ho v prípade záujmu odoslať kuriérom.


At KOVOT s. r. o., we are not only experts in buying scrap waste, but as an end processor with our own foundry, we can guarantee you the highest prices on the market. Cooperate with us and get the maximum for your scrap waste.

If you are interested, we can of course also come to your home to collect the material.

The way it works is that when we arrive:

  • we weigh the material,
  • we measure it,
  • and pay for it at the point of collection throughout the Slovak Republic.

If you are interested in our services or have any questions, you can contact us